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BJP launches counter attack on Congress questioning its ties with ‘Ambani-Adani’

bjp launches counter attack on congress questioning its ties with ‘ambani adani’

New Delhi, May 9:   The recent shift in rhetoric from PM Modi and the BJP regarding the ‘Ambani-Adani’ nexus has sparked debate, with some questioning if the goalposts have been moved.


Previously, the Congress aggressively targeted these industrialists, even disrupting parliament with slogans like “Modi-Adani Bhai Bahai”. Now, the BJP seems to be turning the tables, prompting questions about the Congress’s own ties to these businessmen.


Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai accused the Congress of demonising industrialists, implying that their stance on “Ambani-Adani” has been hypocritical.

In an interview with a media outlet, he echoed PM Modi’s insinuation that the Congress might have struck deals with these figures, raising eyebrows about potential financial exchanges.


PM Modi’s remarks during his Telangana campaign yesterday, added fuel to the fire, suggesting that the Congress had mysteriously ceased its attacks on the industrial giants.


This perceived about-face has invited scrutiny, with Rahul Gandhi daring Modi to investigate whether Adani and Ambani had funnelled “black money” to the BJP. He even suggested a probe by investigative agencies into the alleged financial dealings.


The tit-for-tat continued, with Modi questioning why the Congress suddenly stopped its relentless attacks on Adani and Ambani, insinuating shady dealings. The verbal sparring highlights the underlying tension between the two parties regarding their relationships with big business.


Meanwhile, AICC general secretary Jairam Ramesh accused Modi of desperation, interpreting his shift in focus as a sign of electoral uncertainty. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra joined the fray, demanding answers from Modi.

Overall, the debate surrounding the ‘Ambani-Adani’ issue reflects the high-stakes political environment as parties jostle for power and position ahead of the elections.

Earlier in 2022 and 2023, in a fiery session at the Lok Sabha, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi raised serious questions about the meteoric rise in businessman Gautam Adani’s wealth during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure. Gandhi pointedly asked about the growth of Adani’s net worth from $8 billion to $140 billion between 2014 and 2022, while also highlighting the alleged close ties between Adani and Modi.

The Congress leader’s accusations gained momentum following a report by Hindenburg Research, which accused the Adani Group of engaging in fraudulent practices, including stock manipulation and money laundering.

During the parliamentary session, Gandhi called for transparency regarding Adani’s investments in strategic sectors such as ports, airports, and defence, particularly in light of the significant budgetary incentives for green hydrogen.

In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent assertion questioning Rahul Gandhi’s silence on the “Adani-Ambani” issue, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra swiftly countered the claim. She emphasized that Rahul Gandhi consistently addresses the Adani-Ambani nexus in his speeches to the public daily. Priyanka highlighted the Congress’s ongoing efforts to unveil the BJP’s alleged collusion with prominent industrialists, accusing the ruling party of facilitating massive loan waivers amounting to Rs 16 trillion for its corporate allies.

To substantiate their stance, the Congress released a video on social media, featuring five instances of Rahul Gandhi raising concerns about Modi’s association with Adani. The clips, dated from May 2 to May 7 and spanning various locations, aim to debunk Modi’s assertions.

In addition to the video release, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra issued a separate statement condemning the BJP’s dissemination of misinformation regarding Rahul Gandhi. She reiterated the Congress’s commitment to exposing the truth and holding the ruling party accountable for its actions, particularly in its dealings with big industrialists.