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Apni Party will support Sajad Lone in Baramulla LS constituency: Altaf Bukhari

'When Article 370 was abrogated everybody was waiting that three National Conference members in Lok Sabha and two PDP members in Rajya Sabha will resign as a mark of protest. But this did not happen'
12:22 AM Apr 23, 2024 IST | ZAHOOR MALIK
Aman Farooq/ GK

Srinagar, Apr 22:  Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari today announced his party's support to People's Conference (PC) President and candidate Sajad Gani Lone in Baramulla parliamentary constituency.

Bukhari made the announcement at a press conference here. "Our party has decided to support Sajad Lone Sahab in Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency. We appeal to people to vote for Apni Party candidates in Srinagar and Anantnag-Rajouri constituencies and for Sajad  Lone sahab in Baramulla. We are very much hopeful that Sajad Lone sahab will emerge victorious  with our party’s support since we have significant support base in north Kashmir also like other parts of the Valley," he said.


Asked whether Lone's party will also support Apni Party candidates in Srinagar and Anantnag-Rajouri constituencies, Bukhari said that the PC President has already made an announcement in this regard. “Sajad Lone sahab has a bigger heart than me and had already announced his support to our two candidates in Srinagar and Anantnag-Rajouri constituencies. Today we announced our support for him in Baramulla," he said.

Bukhari said that Apni Party has emerged as a credible political alternative. He added that other likeminded parties have high hopes from it and  are seeking support to defeat the traditional parties.


Some days back,  Lone had appealed Bukhari to support him in Baramulla. The PC leader had stated that Apni Party support to him was important to prevent division of votes and was equally vital for defeating National Conference there.  He  had also said that that NC candidates used to win in past mostly due to the division of votes among the other parties’ candidates.

National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah has already announced to contest from Baramulla constituency.  PDP has decided to field former MP (Rajya Sabha) Fayaz  Ahmad Mir from there.

At the press conference today , Bukhari advised the leaders of traditional parties, National Conference, PDP and Congress, to retire from politics as they have done enough of deceptive and deceitful politicking for decades.

"During the last 70 years they only brought tragedies and miseries for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. They are power hungry and did everything for power. And today when the people are facing enormous problems on different fronts these very politicians are more concerned about their family interests," he said.

Apni Party President asked that why would people vote for NC, PDP and Congress when these parties have done nothing for them. “When Article 370 was abrogated everybody was waiting that three National Conference members in Lok Sabha and two PDP members in Rajya Sabha will resign as a mark of protest. But this did not happen," he said.

Bukhari asked why did not NC, PDP and Congress leaders did not do something for the release of hundreds of jailed youth or for safeguarding the rights of J&K people on land and jobs. "We met the Prime Minister not for our own interests but for the interests of our people and ensured that our people get rights on land and jobs," he said.

The Apni Party President said that his party also facilitated the release of number of jailed youth. “There are still hundreds of youth in jails and hundreds of verification of youth are pending. Statehood has to get restored. Our party is working in this direction. Our plea to traditional parties is not to exploit our people particularly  our youth emotionally , which they are doing for last 70 years. Our destiny lies with India and it has been decided in 1947. Yes, sometimes New Delhi gave us wounds. If they gave us wounds and pain they only can provide the healing touch," he said.

Asked about PDP President Mehbooba Mufti's statement that polls this time is for a cause to send a strong voice to parliament, the Apni Party President said that she had such causes in the past also but everybody knows what happened later. "Mehbooba Ji is like a sister to me. I do not want to say anything but since you asked this question  I am replying. Mehbooba ji had also a cause in 2019 when she formed the Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD). PAGD was the last hope for  people. But  what she did to PAGD?  She disintegrated it . Mehbooba Ji is wholly responsible for what happened with PAGD," he said.

To a question as to why the  senior Apni Party leader Usman Majid is not at the press conference today while all other senior leaders are there, Bukhari told the media person not to try to read too much between the lines. " What you think is not the case. Usman sahab is unwell since yesterday evening and has not been able to come," he said

Asked about Usman Majid’s  statement  yesterday that he wants Apni Party to contest from Baramulla constituency ,  Bukhari said, " Usman sahab is our senior colleague. He has every right to have his opinion and we respect it. But ultimately the decision of majority prevails. You see all the assembly constituency heads of Apni Party from north Kashmir are here. So is the district President of Bandipora. Usman sahab is in Apni Party not because of anybody, nor am I or anybody else in the party because of somebody else. We all came  together  and formed Apni Party in difficult times and presented the aspirations of people. We tried our level best to get their problems solved and will continue to do so. Our' s is not a party run by a dynasty. It is the party of common people. Unlike dynasty run parties you will always see the common people in this party and not our family members," he said.

About the  recent visit of BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh to his residence Bukhari said he keeps on visiting him," I was unwell on that day and Chugh sahib came had lunch. I called Sajad sahab also there. Chugh sahab keeps on visiting me," he said.

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