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Ajit Doval gets 3rd term as NSA

01:06 AM Jun 14, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
ajit doval gets 3rd term as nsa
Ajit Doval appointed as National Security Advisor for third time --- File Photo

“His appointment will be co-terminus with the term of Prime Minister or until further orders, whichever is earlier,” said a notification from the Ministry of Personnel and Training.


The notification said that NSA Doval, during the term of his office, will be assigned the rank of cabinet minister.


Ajit Doval as NSA is set to become the longest-serving advisor to PM Modi.




Ajit Doval, one of India’s most celebrated spymasters, has cemented his legacy as a pivotal figure in the country’s security landscape.


Doval, a 1968-batch IPS officer from the Kerala cadre, became the first NSA to serve two terms in 2019.


His extensive fieldwork and strategic leadership have earned him a revered place in Indian intelligence and security.

Doval is also the first policeman to be decorated with the Kirti Chakra, India's second-highest peacetime gallantry award, highlighting his exceptional service.

His reappointment underscores his importance in the Modi government, known for its aggressive stance on cross-border terrorism, including surgical strikes inside Pakistan.

Recently, Doval spearheaded significant negotiations with his American counterpart, spanning technological, strategic, business, and economic interests, indicating an expanded role in India’s foreign affairs.

When Narendra Modi assumed office as Prime Minister in 2014, one of his first actions was to appoint Doval as NSA.

Since then, Doval has been a trusted advisor to PM Modi.

US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti has praised Doval as an “international treasure”, emphasising his humble origins from a village in Uttarakhand.


Doval's career stands out in a role typically reserved for those with foreign service backgrounds.

Unlike his predecessors like Brajesh Mishra, J N Dixit, Shyam Saran, and S S Menon, Doval’s journey has been rooted in intelligence.

A former Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief, he is the second NSA after M K Narayanan with a professional intelligence background.

Throughout his career in IB, Doval achieved notable successes, including infiltrating the Mizo National Army and executing critical missions related to Myanmar and China.

His involvement in Operation Black Thunder, which followed Operation Blue Star, was instrumental in tackling Punjab terrorism.

His undercover work in Pakistan and role as a negotiator during the IC-814 hijacking episode further bolstered his credentials.

Doval’s rapid rise in the Police force was marked by receiving the Indian Police Medal for meritorious service within six years, an achievement usually taking 17 years.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi made an exception for his exemplary work in the Northeast, where he infiltrated the Mizo National Army and ventured deep into Chinese territory.

A Larger Role

Two years ago, Modi entrusted Doval with negotiating a landmark agreement with the US, aimed at revolutionising India-US ties.

The US-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET), launched in May 2022, seeks to elevate strategic technology partnerships and defence cooperation.

Doval, along with US NSA Jake Sullivan, has been pivotal in shaping this initiative.

The iCET framework aims to bolster economic competitiveness and protect national security interests through collaboration on AI, defence production, quantum computing, semiconductors, communication infrastructure, and space projects.

Doval’s efforts have led to significant developments, including GE Aviation’s offer to produce jet engines in India, a milestone in India-US relations.

Doval’s engagement with various stakeholders in the US and India has driven unprecedented activity in bilateral technology dialogues.

His leadership was instrumental in setting the agenda for PM Modi’s first visit to the US last year, and he is expected to continue shaping India-US ties in the Modi government’s third term.

Sullivan's upcoming visit to India will include a comprehensive review of cooperation under iCET, highlighting the enduring significance of Doval’s role in international diplomacy.