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Administrative Secy IT Ladakh highlights role of digital governance in development

Chairs meeting on E-Pramaan Authentication, E-Services
12:14 AM Dec 08, 2023 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
administrative secy it ladakh highlights role of digital governance in development

Leh, Dec 7: The Administrative Secretary of Information Technology (IT) Ladakh Amit Sharma today highlighted the pivotal role of digital governance in development and reiterated the commitment to ensuring that E-Services are not only efficient but also accessible to all segments of the population.


According to a press release, he was addressing a meeting chaired by him on E-Pramaan Authentication, and E-Services at the Civil Secretariat, Leh.


At the outset, IT Secretary Amit Sharma along with others went through a virtual presentation delivered by the expert team of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), offering a comprehensive overview of the E-Pramaan Authentication system. The presentation delved into the details of the technology, emphasising its potential to streamline and enhance authentication processes.
IT Secretary’s meeting centered around into comprehensive discussions on the integration of E-Pramaan Authentication into various services, with a focus on streamlining processes, reducing bureaucratic bottlenecks, and bolstering data security. The discussions extended to the optimisation of E-Services, exploring avenues to enhance user experience, accessibility, and inclusivity in line with the Ladakh administration's commitment to digital governance.
IT Secretary Amit Sharma also emphasised the critical role that advanced computing technologies play in the era of digitization. He underscored the importance of leveraging C-DAC's expertise to enhance the efficiency and security of e-services in the Union Territory of Ladakh. He also expressed his gratitude for Yes Bank's proactive involvement and stated that collaboration is a testament to the shared vision of the Ladakh administration and Yes Bank in leveraging technology for the welfare of the citizens of Ladakh.
Before the culmination of twin meetings, Secretary IT Amit Sharma expressed enthusiasm for embracing innovative solutions to propel Ladakh into a digitally empowered era. He highlighted the strategic importance of the C-DAC E-Pramaan Authentication system in ensuring secure and seamless authentication procedures, a crucial aspect in the contemporary landscape of information technology.