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9th Raisina Dialogue 2024 begins in New Delhi; India, Greece target to double business by 2030

12:33 AM Feb 22, 2024 IST | GK NEWS SERVICE
9th raisina dialogue 2024 begins in new delhi  india  greece target to double business by 2030

New Delhi, Feb 21: At the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic (Greece), arrived in India yesterday on an official visit. State Foreign Minister Meenakshi Lekhi received and welcomed him upon his arrival.


Accompanied by a delegation of senior officials and prominent business leaders, Mitsotakis served as the Chief Guest and delivered the keynote address at the 9th Raisina Dialogue, 2024, in New Delhi. His itinerary includes a visit to Mumbai tomorrow, while a member of his team will head to Bangalore to strengthen the India-Greece relationship and expand business opportunities.


9th Raisina Dialogue 2024 Kicks Off with Prestigious Opening Ceremony


The ninth annual Raisina Dialogue, a premier international conference on geopolitics and geoeconomics, commenced this Wednesday with an opening address by the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, alongside India's Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, and other notable dignitaries.


The event, hosted by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs of India, marks a significant gathering of leaders from politics, business, media, and civil society to discuss pressing global challenges and explore collaborative opportunities.


In his inaugural speech, Prime Minister Mitsotakis highlighted Greece's role as a pivotal gateway for India's business engagement with the European Union. Emphasizing Greece's strategic location, he remarked, "Greece is India’s gateway to Europe, and through the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), our participation underscores the importance of this strategic partnership."


The Greek Prime Minister also pointed out Greece's rapid economic growth within the EU and the critical role India plays on the international stage as a voice of reason and consensus. He touched upon the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, emphasizing its global implications beyond Europe, and calling for India's active involvement in addressing these challenges.

The event also featured preliminary remarks by ORF's Chairperson, Sanjay Joshi, and President, Samir Saran, with a vote of thanks delivered by External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar.

The Raisina Dialogue aims to foster a multi-stakeholder, cross-sectoral discussion on global affairs, engaging heads of state, cabinet ministers, local government officials, private sector leaders, media personalities, and academics in a comprehensive dialogue. This initiative continues to support and promote international cooperation and understanding of a wide array of contemporary issues facing the global community.

Mitsotakis's support for India's bid for a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council and the call for UN reform to reflect the current global dynamics further strengthen the ties between the two nations.

Meeting Between two Prime Ministers

India and Greece Forge Ahead with Enhanced Bilateral Ties to Double their Business by 2030

Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, on Wednesday marking a notable moment in the bilateral relations between India and Greece. This meeting is especially significant as Mitsotakis is the first Greek premier to visit India in 16 years, reciprocating Modi's historic trip to Athens last year—the first by an Indian prime minister in four decades.

The leaders' discussions, building on the momentum of Modi's visit to Greece, have opened new avenues for cooperation across a variety of sectors, including defence manufacturing, trade, connectivity, and a forthcoming migration and mobility pact.

These talks signal a robust commitment to not just continue but significantly enhance the partnership that was elevated to a strategic level during Modi's visit.

The dialogue between Modi and Mitsotakis was rich in substance, covering the potential for joint development in military hardware, with both nations agreeing to connect their defence industries. Modi's announcement of a migration and mobility partnership agreement reflects a mutual interest in fostering legal migration, combating human trafficking, and enabling youth employment opportunities in Greece.

Mitsotakis, recognizing India as a cornerstone of stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region, advocated for a doubling of trade volumes before 2030. He underscored the importance of India and Greece as partners in establishing new synergies and partnerships, given their shared values as major democracies.

The talks extended to new opportunities in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, medical devices, technology, innovation, and space, tourism aiming to rejuvenate bilateral cooperation. Moreover, discussions on enhancing shipping and connectivity, and forming a working group to address common challenges like cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, and maritime security, reflect the deep mutual trust between the two nations. Mitsotakis's view on India's vital role in addressing global challenges such as climate change, food, and energy security.

Mitsotakis lauded India's positive role in the Indo-Pacific and welcomed the cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean, signalling Greece's significant partnership in the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC). He also highlighted the importance of peace and stability in the Middle East for the success of such initiatives.

The Greek Prime Minister's visit, accompanied by a delegation of hundred business leaders, focuses on promoting economic ties in renewable energy, infrastructure, ports, and logistics, showcasing the dynamic nature of the Indo-Greek partnership.

As India and Greece prepare to celebrate the 75th anniversary of their diplomatic relations in 2025, the proposed migration and mobility agreement, among other initiatives, marks a new chapter in their long-standing friendship, promising a future of mutual growth and cooperation.

India’s Economic Footprint in Greece Highlighted by Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwarta

In a press briefing on Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra highlighted the substantial Indian economic engagement in Greece, stimulating the notion that India's presence in the Greek economy is a recent development.

The briefing focused on the visit of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to India, serving as a platform for Kwatra to illuminate the depth of Indo-Greek economic ties and the ambition to expand these relationships across various sectors.

Kwatra emphasized, "The Indian economic presence in Greece is not a new narrative; it's a well-established fact." He elaborated on the discussions aimed at broadening India's economic footprint in Greece, spanning multiple domains and leveraging existing investments in areas such as pharmaceuticals and infrastructure. "Indian companies have already established a strong economic presence in Greece, particularly in pharmaceuticals and infrastructure sectors," Kwatra noted, illustrating the depth of bilateral commercial engagement.

Addressing the cooperative ventures in pharmaceuticals, Kwatra pointed out the sector as a cornerstone of Indo-Greek economic cooperation. The aim is to widen this collaboration to encompass various segments of the pharmaceutical industry, including generics and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), if necessary.

The visit of Prime Minister Mitsotakis to India has been a momentous occasion for both nations, with both leaders committing to double their bilateral trade by 2030. Kwatra highlighted new avenues of economic engagement identified during the talks, including startups, innovation, quantum computing, nanotechnology, and microelectronics.

Furthermore, biotechnology and tourism, coupled with efforts to enhance air connectivity, were recognized as potential areas for bolstering commercial and government-to-government cooperation.

Mitsotakis's state visit to India, accompanied by a significant business delegation, reflects the high level of interest in strengthening Indo-Greek economic ties. Following a ceremonial welcome and a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Raj Ghat, detailed discussions between Modi and Mitsotakis covered both bilateral issues and opportunities for deepening economic cooperation.

Kwatra also mentioned the Greek Prime Minister's engagements with Indian business leaders and his forthcoming visit to Mumbai, underscoring the visit's focus on fostering economic ties and exploring new opportunities for collaboration between India and Greece.