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3 out of 7 identified in Rajouri-Poonch terror module arrested: DGP

Announces Rs 10 lakh reward for info about master-mind
02:18 AM Apr 04, 2024 IST | SHUCHISMITA
3 out of 7 identified in rajouri poonch terror module arrested  dgp

Jammu, Apr 3:  Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain has stated that in a significant achievement during the ongoing election process, three Over Ground Workers (OGWs), out of seven identified for their confirmed involvement in receiving drone-droppings, including arms-ammunition, IEDs, narcotics and cash sent by Pakistan, have been arrested in Rajouri district.


“They all are part of Lashkar-e-Taiba terror-module in Rajouri and Poonch, whose master-mind is Muhammad Qasim alias Suleman alias Salman, a resident of Reasi, operating from Pakistan. He is a designated terrorist by the Government of India,” he said, while displaying a poster issued by police, announcing Rs 10 lakh award for any information leading to his arrest.


In a hurriedly-convened briefing for select media on Tuesday evening, DGP stated that the activities of all master-minds and those, who were in touch with them, were under watch through intense surveillance.

“All those, who are involved in these activities or in touch with terror-operatives or handlers in any manner, will be caught sooner or later. They will have to pay for it. This is a message we want to convey to the youth. Don’t fall prey to these terror traps. We also appeal to their parents, teachers, religious leaders to prevail upon them (youth) to stay away from such activities. Those already trapped, if voluntary surrender or disclose terror-funding details or their contacts with handlers, may get benefits under law related to approver. But to avail this benefit, they will have to come forward,” he said.


DGP Swain asserted that JKP was studying the “implications of amnesty” without it being in conflict with law, “for those who want to give up or voluntarily come out with the trail of terror funding.” “This was a suggestion from our senior officers who asked if we could mull over such amnesty for youth, who given their vulnerability, were trapped yet wanted to come out of it. We are studying these implications,” DGP Swain said.


Describing the busting of terror module as a “big success for JKP during election process”, he said, “Through drones, a large amount of arms-ammunition, IED, cash, narcotics-contrabands from Pakistan have not only reached here but this has emerged as a major security challenge for us. In this connection, CID Counter-Intelligence and Jammu zonal police, in a joint planned operation, have identified several persons who received these drone deliveries in Rajouri. After registering an FIR against them, with a proper court warrant, their houses were searched in a very professional manner.”


“In the past 48 hours, searches were made at around ten such places. Seven persons were identified after confirmed inputs that they had received deliveries dropped by drones sent by Pakistan. Three out of these seven identified persons have already been arrested. In this connection, a case was registered with CID Counter-Intelligence Jammu. Jammu zonal police too have coordinated in gathering ground level intelligence,” he said.


On the basis of evidence, those arrested included Gulshan Naz, wife of Talib Shah, already arrested under UAPA; Imtiyaz Ahmed, both residents of Kotranka and Abid Shah of Budhal.

“They were arrested and identified as they received many drone-droppings of arms, explosives, IEDs, cash and narcotics. During searches, electronic, digital evidence was recovered in this connection.

They distributed them (droppings) to their forward linkages. They were in touch with the master-mind Qasim, operating from Pakistan. Money trails were in lakhs which were distributed in parts to forward linkages – several people, they all would be taken as OGWs. They all formed part of Qasim’s network in Rajouri and Poonch. How much amount of money is given to whom for what purpose- is still a matter of investigation,” DGP said.

According to DGP, Qasim, who was involved in the Katra bus blast, Narwal blast, was enticing vulnerable people, particularly youth, by misusing end-to-end encrypted networking modes.

“Since investigation is on in this connection, it is necessary to keep the element of surprise intact. Busting of Qasim’s terror module is an important security related development during election season to make it a safe and secure process,” DGP Swain said.

Responding to related queries, he stated initial indications suggested that money distributed was aimed at creating a wide range of support for logistics purposes.

He stated that drone-droppings were generally not directly related to infiltration yet indirectly facilitated it (infiltration).