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Adding to the plethora of existing literature documenting the turmoils of Kashmir that have grabbed headlines time and again, is a new book that offers a visual narrative of the disturbances in the region over a span of two decades, through the eyes of nine photographers.

Titled 'Witness', the coffee-table book featuring 200 photographs is a comprehensive visual document telling the 'Kashmir story' between 1986-2016. 


The book which was recently launched here, has been edited by Kashmiri documentary filmmaker Sanjay Kak, who said the "photo-book is primarily a timeline of emotions or feelings than a timeline of history". "1986-2016 is an important period for the entire region, and not just Kashmir. My request is that you must not see this as a book giving you a quick history lesson. It is not meant to be a timeline of history. Rather it is a timeline of emotions which have been interpreted by the photographers over these years," Kak said.

Subsuming a whole band width of age, inclinations, desires, experience and motivations, the contributing photographers range from rookies like nineteen-year-old Azan Shah to doyens of 'Kashmir photography' like Meraj-ud-din. PTI