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Veteran scholar of Gojri language Rana Fazal Hussain from Pakistan-administered Kashmir on Tuesday asked the governments of India and Pakistan to “shun hatred and spread love.”

Talking to Greater Kashmir here, Hussain said: “The power of love is more than the power of a nuclear bomb. So the governments in India and Pakistan should shun hatred and spread only love in the two countries.”

Hussain, also known as ‘Baba-e-Gojri’ (father of Gojri), arrived at Baba Nagri here on Sunday.

He said that both sides of Jammu and Kashmir—Kashmir and PaK—share same culture, languages, traditions and ethnic values. 

“Our cohesive culture is centuries-old and has a great power to bind us and build us,” he said.

He stressed upon writers, scholars and intellectuals living on both sides of the border to play their role in peace-building and long-lasting prosperity of the region.

This part of Jammu and Kashmir has done a marvelous work for promotion and propagation of different languages and cultures, he said.

Earlier, an interaction session was organised here by Hazrat Baba Jee Trust Wangath and was attended by its Sajada Nasheen and MLA Kangan, Mian Altaf Ahmad.

Hussain hails from Rajouri and had migrated to Mirpur, Pakistan in 1965. He has written more than 28 books in Gojri, Pahari and Urdu languages and has been awarded Tamgha-e-Pakistan by the Pakistan government.

Hussain expressed his gratitude to the Mian family for honouring him and said that he received huge love while staying here.

Among others, Chowdhary Iqbal Nizami, Mian Sarfaraz Ahmad, Mian Gulzar Ahmad and various writers and people from different walks of life attended the interaction programme.