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Meet Kashmir’s wedding makeup artist Heena

Heena claims that for her to remain updated regarding the new trends and fashion is the biggest challenge.
Srinagar | Posted : Jul 18 2017 1:33AM | Updated: Jul 17 2017 11:39PM
Meet Kashmir’s wedding makeup artist Heena
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One of the most sought-after makeup artist who is well known in the wedding makeup artist circuit of the Kashmir valley, Sheikh Heena, 29, chose a career in beauty and wellness sector after completing her masters in Social Work from the University of Kashmir in the year 2013.

Working in the world of makeup for four years, Heena wants to make her clients not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful on their wedding day. Having worked earlier as a social worker, Heena decided to quit her job as ‘it didn’t complement her inborn knack for fashion and glamour’.

“Career in the field of makeup artistry was never accidental. Since childhood I loved to play with colours and I always wanted to choose a profession that would let me use my creativity. It was at my friend’s wedding where I received a lot of appreciation after doing her makeover that I decided to pursue a career in makeup,” she says.

To expertise in bridal, party and casual makeup, Heena did a professional makeup course from Delhi after which she started offering her services as a freelancer.

“I am a freelance makeup artist. I do the makeover of my clients on freelance basis rather than working for a salon on a permanent employment basis. I have developed my own clientele who can directly contact me on phone or email,” she says.

Nowadays many new aspiring entrepreneurs are emerging on different social media sites to make people aware of the services offered by them. This young artist is no exception. To expand her clientele, Heena started her official business page on Facebook and Instagram by the name Bridal Makeup Studio by Heena. After attending a Makeup artistry workshop in Dubai, she did a professional airbrush course from Delhi in 2016 to keep learning about the changing trends in the fashion industry.

Heena claims that for her to remain updated regarding the new trends and fashion is the biggest challenge.

“Fashion trends evolve everyday and hence I have to keep upgrading my expertise in this field. Also, if a client asks for a style that would not go with her skin type and texture, it again becomes challenging to convince her by providing my personal opinion,” says she.

Talking about her journey as a makeup artist till now, Heena says that she had the support of her family and friends to turn her passion into a profitable business. Fighting against the taboos associated with the profession of makeup artistry, she believes that there is no better way to exercise control over your confidence and appearance than through this art. This young makeup entrepreneur has also gained expertise in hair styling and has been a part of many fashion shows and events.

“For me the biggest achievement is when my clients are happy and content with my work. When they get obsessed with their looks and claim that they cannot take their eyes off of mirror, my joy knows no bounds. To me achievement is not about winning awards and accolades but to develop a good rapport with my clients,” she says.

For Heena, working principles revolve around friendliness, comfort and quality and according to her this is what sets her apart from others.

“I want my clients to feel comfortable around me as they all are very special to me. I always put forward my best proposals for them in order to understand what exactly they are looking for in my makeup services,” she says.

Though a considerable number of young persons from Kashmir valley have started to pour in this line of business, she believes there is still a long way to go before this industry evolves fully which is possible only if more people acknowledge this profession.

“Makeup is not just about buying the latest branded cosmetics; it’s all about revealing the best version of you. If only more people in our valley would understand its true essence, this profession will be openly embraced on a larger scale,” she says.

This budding makeup entrepreneur is aspiring to open a bridal boutique which would offer a classic collection of wedding dresses and accessories. Advising young girls to follow their dreams to become independent emotionally and financially, Heena says,

“Have faith in your dreams and the courage to pursue them. One has to be persistent as well as consistent to achieve anything in life. The feeling of true independence is when a woman feels empowered enough to follow her course in life no matter what the voices inside and outside say to bring her down .”