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Dubbing civil servants as the "steel frame" of India, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday asked them not to follow "wrong orders" of a political executive or become "Yes masters", but take decisions in the interest of the nation.

"Civil services have power. Decisions should be taken on the basis of national interest and in the interest of the people. If a political executive gives wrong orders, do not be scared to show them rules. Tell him that you are legally wrong and do not sign the file," the Minister said, addressing the inaugural session of 11th Civil Services Day function here. 


Rajnath Singh advised bureaucrats not to become "Yes masters" and betray their conscience. 

"Haan mein haan naa milaiye (Do not become yes masters). Do not betray your conscience," he said at the function attended by officers belonging All India Services.

He also lightly hit out at officers who "avoid" taking decisions, saying such hesitations may harm the country's interests.

"If necessary, discuss and deliberate with your seniors but there should be no hesitation in taking decisions," he said.  The Home Minister lauded the role of bureaucrats dubbing them the "steel frame of India" and advised them to follow the guiding principles for civil servants as enunciated by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on April 21, 1948.

"Sardar Patel said that if civil services was called the steel frame of India, it would not be an exaggeration. Guiding principles for civil servants as enunciated by Sardar Patel in 1948 are extremely important in present day context as well. The steel frame of our civil services has not weakened even after 70 years of Independence," he said. 

The politician also asked civil servants to be always responsible, accountable and impartial. IANS