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The recent landslide victory of BJP in the twin states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, though not quite unexpected, is certainly a phenomenon which needs to be analyzed objectively. This was stated by CPI(M) MLA, MY  Tarigami in a statement here today. 

He said   Adityanath is not only a known religious bigot but a person who faces trial on charges of incitement to communal rioting and attempt to murder.  The choice of Adityanath who has a dubious history of pronouncing very controversial and divisive statements clearly shows that BJP has dismantled the façade of moderation and has come out in the open,  with the real communal agenda of  Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra, he said.

The biggest concern of all the progressive and well meaning elements in the country at present should be to unitedly and strongly resist the communal onslaught on the Indian polity and its  cultural ethos, he said.

The UP verdict and the installation of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister, underlines that there is an immediate requirement of a clear cut alternative with a strong political and ideological platform, he said. 

“The victory of BJP in the recent elections and the crowning of the hardliner  RSS activist,  Yogi Adityanath as UP’s Chief Minister will have serious implications on the J&K situation..  Since the central government has not budged from its position to deal with the Kashmir situation, by the use of indiscriminate force only, the things will go from bad to worse.  Apart from addressing the routine livelihood issues,  J&K calls for liberal political inputs and a credible dialogue process,  which could pave the way for resolving the issue which has been plaguing  the state for decades now,” he said.