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Incarcerated ameer of Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Dr Muhammad Qasim today claimed that the appointment of Aditya Nath Yogi as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh “was aimed at building Ram Temple in place of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.”  

“The appointment of Aditya Nath Yogi as CM of Uttar Pradesh is a clear sign that BJP has set its eyes on building Ram Temple in place of Babri Masjid before the general elections of 2019. If India has to face international pressure or backlash, Modi can wash off his hands by passing the buck on to Aditya Nath Yogi. If Muslims of India won’t resist this effectively, the central government will join the bandwagon of temple building with all pomp and show,” Dr Qasim, in a statement today, said.

“In such conditions, it is quite possible that Congress and other parties will also adopt soft Hindutva to remain relevant and satisfy the 100 crore Hindu population of India. Therefore when BJP through Aditya Nath Yogi starts work on Ram Temple, Congress and other parties will find it difficult to oppose keeping in view 2019 elections. In this way BJP will not only score a historical win in 2019 but with it the political importance of Muslims and other minorities in India will end forever. This will lead to India officially becoming a Hindu country in accordance with the two nation theory and the regional parties will either become shadow organizations of RSS or they will be rendered puppet organisations like NC and PDP in Jammu and Kashmir. A very critical and difficult time is awaiting Muslims in Jammu Kashmir and India.”